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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Phantom is really getting better!

My Vento Phantom is just about finished with my tinkering. At least for now... I replaced all the panels and pieces that were damaged by the incident with the runaway boat last weekend. I've also been working on the carburetor and the interference fit with the chassis caused by the bigger intake manifold. I did have to take everything apart for the second time for further clearancing as the fuel inlet hose was rubbing and threatening to fail. So I went back to work with the die grinder and got less shy about cutting away metal that might just be needed to hold the engine in place.

Anyway, I cut myself some room for the carburetor and everything when back together much easier. Except now the fuel float and needle is not closing and every time its running, its leaking fuel... I guess its coming back apart tonight.

I've also received my new HP150 exhaust pipe and muffler from PowerSportsFactory! It looks terrific and I'll be installing that tonight. And I found a nice gentleman at a muffler shop today that is building the adapter so I can use my JC Whitney muffler on the PSF header pipe if I choose it over the PSF muffler. I'll get some pictures taken when everything is installed and post them here later!

So I'm excited! The scoot's been running very smoothly since I added the new intake manifold and seems to have much more power. I've not had a chance to test it for a new top speed but it seems much quicker from zero up through 45 MPH. Once the new pipe is installed I'll try to see if my top speed has increased significantly.

Its definitely riding season right now too!

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